Now, I’ll admit, Satan didn’t direct the new movie, “Obvious Child” in which the story line culminates with the abortion of a child.  But I wouldn’t be surprised if Satan was the Executive Producer.

Eric Metaxas offers a review of the movie over at LifeSite News.

While the movie focuses on the “courageous” decision made by the child-killing anti-heroine Donna, what is also evident is that the male anti-hero Max has much to account for:

  • Max is a drunk who has one night stands with strangers.
  • Max retreats when he hears about Donna’s decision to kill their child.
  • Max returns with flowers and says he’s sorry the next morning, goes with Donna to kill their child and then celebrates by watching a movie with her afterward.

Max appears to be a poor excuse for a man; incontinent, cowardly, submissive, cooperative with evil and terminally passive to the point of allowing his child to be murdered.

And Max, at least in the minds of Hollywood types and feminists, is to be celebrated as a thoughtful and respectful “partner”.

Max’s behavior is the exact opposite of what a manly father does in the face of sinful mistakes.  There are a lot of options other than killing a child.

In the face of growing evil, manly Catholics must return to Christ and the Church, seeking the wisdom and courage to protect our children, our wives and ourselves against the onslaught of evil.

“Obvious Child” is the work of evil for it places a “romantic comedy” wrapper around a rotten story of abortion and male abdication.

Satan couldn’t have scripted a movie any better.